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NSW Auditor General Reviews Sydney West Connex

Photo source: DailyTelegraph.com.au

Photo source: DailyTelegraph.com.au

The Commonwealth Auditor-General is planning to review federal funding for what has become a very controversial road project, WestConnex in Sydney.

The multi-billion dollar project will widen and extend the M4 and M5 motorways and link them via the Haberfield and St Peters tunnels in Sydney’s inner west.

Originally the price tag for construction was $11billion under 2012 estimates but by 2015 the price tag ballooned to$16.8 billion to fast-track the project, with significant enhancements added.

The federal government has pledged $3.5billion in funding including a $2 billion concessional loan. The state government has promised up to $1.8billion towards the project.

An audit was requested by Transport Minister Anthony Albanese which was confirmed by Acting Auditor-General Rona Mellor in letter to the minister.  Find out more: https://sourceable.net/nsw-auditor-general-to-review-syd-westconnex/

Safety Expert Says Limit Car Speeds

slow downRoad safety expert and co-author of a South Australian road safety study has called for vehicle speed limiting across the board.

Craig Kloeden, research fellow at the University of Adelaide said he was in favour of speed limiting vehicles including cars. He says limiting cars with very high speeds would be best for safety, particularly on rural roads.

He has called for the reduction of speed limits on the state’s rural roads from 110 to 100km/h. The most effective way to minimise injuries due to car crashes is to reduce speed limits.

Find out more at: http://www.motoring.com.au/limit-cars-speeds-safety-expert-51479/

Big Improvement in Traffic on The M5

finished m5According to analysis, average speed between Mascot and Casula using the M5 west and M5 East Motorways has increased to 72km/h from 51km/h in 2013 in the peak afternoon traffic. The morning traffic speed increased from 54km/h to 65km/h.

Across most Sydney roads traffic is mounting with slower trips and longer peak periods being experienced.

The M5 South-West widening on the other hand has led to a 40 per cent rise in average speed in the peak afternoon traffic and a 20 per cent increase in the morning.

Source: http://m5motorway.com.au/corporate/news/detail/biggest-improvement-on-m5


How to Drive Safely in a Tunnel

m5 west tunnel

Photo source: TheLeader.com.au

The WestConnex has a number of tunnels along its routes to help ease congestion but some people aren’t comfortable driving in tunnels. Here is some advice for driving safely in a tunnel,

  1. When entering turn on your headlights, take off your sunglasses, keep a safe following distance and if possible avoid changing lanes.
  2. Obey the signs including speed limit.
  3. Avoid sudden braking if possible.
  4. Don’t enter the tunnel if you’re running low on fuel or don’t have a spare tyre.

Go to http://www.tmr.qld.gov.au/safety/driver-guide/tunnel-safety.aspx for more avice.